Running Cadence: Using a Metronome to Improve Technique

I’ve written previously about running cadence and the use of digital metronomes in helping to coach subtle increases in stride frequency at a given speed, and thus improve stride length. This primarily helps to stop a runner from over-striding, as well as gently improving limb stiffness.

Working on cadence where appropriate provides a simple cue for a runner to practice as ‘homework’ in between technique coaching sessions!

In the video above, we can clearly see the immediate effect an increase in cadence has on an over striding triathlete…

For more information on the research surrounding running cadence read this:

Also, be sure to read this short piece on heel striking, and why it’s perhaps not all bad!:

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Last updated on March 2nd, 2021.


  1. Good video, thanks James. I’m working on increasing cadence and stopping over striding at the moment, its definitely the way forward ! It feels like free speed when you up the cadence, more pace for little increase in effort but how do you maintain it ? I always drift back to a slower cadence when i’m not thinking about it.

  2. Very nice comparison. There’s a marked difference, I have also found this to be true in my training. Btw, my favourite running app, iSmoothrun, has an incredible metronome built into it that can fade in and out with a background track if you stray from the pace too much.

  3. This really works for me. I found it is like having a rowing cox on your run, keeping you on the pace.
    If you don’t fancy carrying your cell phone with you, go to ebay and buy a secondhand Seiko DM metronome – they are v. slim and light and if you drop it, it’s not got all your contacts / music on it!

  4. Hi James

    great video.

    All too often we become obsessed with the whole forefoot/heel strike debate as to actually the key being foot under knee.

    Great to see! Just starting your 30 day challenge.


  5. For all triathletes and swimmers starting to run the finis tempo trainer has a great metronome feature which could really help with run cadence too