Half Marathon Training Plans [FREE]

If you have a half marathon coming up, you’re going to need to find a suitable training programme to help you reach your goals on race day, and remain free from injury in the process.

Strength & Mobility Routines Included

I’m pleased to announce the first set of free half marathon training plans to be released here on Kinetic Revolution!

You may already know my philosophy on making sure that you don’t neglect the important injury-prevention workouts as you increase your running training load ahead of your half marathon. These workouts are so important in helping you avoid many of the overuse injuries that make a mess of half marathon training for so many runners.

As such, these half marathon training plans also include short and effective strength and mobility workouts, to compliment your running.

Feel free to download each of these free half marathon training programmes and see which suits your needs and goals best…

Good luck!


Free Half Marathon Plan [PDF]

Beginners Half Marathon Training Plan

Download Here
More Half Marathon Training Programmes Coming Soon…