Free Half Marathon Training Plans with Injury Prevention Exercises - PDF

If you’re in need of a free half marathon training plan, our tried and tested training schedules will guide you step-by-step through the process of training to achieve your half marathon goals.

Following one of our free half marathon training plans will give you the structure required in your training to build your running fitness towards successfully achieving your running goals on half marathon day.

Unlike many of the half marathon training plans available online, these PDFs downloads provide not only the running elements of your training but also the important injury prevention exercises to keep you running injury-free.

You may already know my philosophy on making sure that you don’t neglect the important injury prevention workouts as you increase your running training load ahead of your half marathon. These workouts are so important in helping you avoid many of the overuse injuries that make a mess of half marathon training for so many runners.

That’s why these half marathon training plans also include short and effective strength and mobility workouts, to compliment your running.

Feel free to download each of these training schedules, take a look at them, see which suits your needs and goals best…

Good luck!


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Free Half Marathon Training Plan

Free Beginners Half Marathon Training Plan

Beginners Half Marathon
Training Plan

If you’ve just entered your first half marathon, this 16-week half marathon training plan will guide you through every step of your preparation.

Our beginners’ half marathon training plan is written with a focus on building your mileage safely while also building your confidence in being able to run the 13.1 miles and finish your half marathon feeling strong.

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More Half Marathon Training Plans
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What do you get with our training programmes?

I’ve tried to make these half marathon training schedules more than simply a running schedule to follow. Instead, I’ve tried to cram them with as many tips and resources to help you with every step of your half marathon training.

These free half marathon training plans includes:

  • Pre-requisites to help you know what levels of running fitness you need to achieve before beginning your half marathon training block
  • An at-a-glance view of your half marathon training plan, for you to print and stick on the wall. Great for motivation and marking completed sessions!
  • Detailed explanations of each running session, and injury prevention workout.
  • Links to videos and further reading to answer many of the common half marathon training questions.
  • Nutrition and hydration advice for long runs and race day itself.
  • Pacing information to help you run at the correct pace both in training and during your upcoming half marathon.
  • Access to ongoing support via the “Transform Your Running” group on Facebook.

Here’s an example of the overview page from our free beginners half marathon training plan:

Free Half Marathon Training Plan for Beginners