Training Plans & Online Coaching

Have you committed to an exciting new running goal?

Whatever you’re training for, I’ll guide you through the process to get you there successfully.

Let me take care of the finer details of your training plan, leaving you free to run with confidence as you feel your fitness improving week-by-week!

Below are details of our two coaching packages, which cater for runners of all levels looking for differing degrees of coaching and guidance.

Bespoke Training Plan Package

No Current Availability

This option is ideal for any runner looking for an personally written training plan, without the ongoing commitment of paying a monthly fee to work with a coach.

Based on the information provided, I’ll create a tailored running programme with session-by-session detail, including strength and conditioning routines and injury prevention work.

Package Fees: £150 for an individually designed training plan (up to 16 weeks in length)


N.B. Upon receipt of payment I will contact you via email to begin the process of working together.

Premium Coaching Package

No Current Availability

This option is ideal for any runner who is looking to work closely with a coach on an ongoing basis, to maximise the effect of their training and achieve new levels of performance.

After an initial skype/phone consultation (or email exchange if preferred) to gather information, set goals, plan etc… the training programme is then created and delivered in blocks of four weeks. This will contain specific details of day-by-day training sessions, both in terms of running, strength and conditioning and recovery sessions.

The programme is delivered in blocks of four weeks, but adjusted dynamically on a day-by-day basis as changing situations and daily challenges dictate. One major benefit of this package is the ongoing coach-athlete communication, essential for problem-solving and adjusting the plan on the go.

The minimum period for this package is 3 months. We firmly believe that this is the minimum time-frame you need to give to a specific programme to realise the performance benefits. We certainly wouldn’t expect anybody to realistically dictate less than 3 months towards trying to achieve a meaningful running goal.

Package Fees: £720 per three months on a rolling subscription. No minimum term.


Your Coach

James Dunne

James Dunne BSc (Hons) GSR

James has been working with runners of all levels since 2006. Having graduated from St Mary’s University, Twickenham with a degree in Sport Rehabilitation, running gait re-education and exercise based rehab for runners have become particular passions of his. James currently works with a diverse group of runners, representing all levels of performance and experience. Formerly a professional athlete himself, James understands the challenges and demands of training to a high level.

Philosophy & Values

I firmly believe that there is no short-cut to success. This is particularly true in running!

There is no “one size fits all” solution to any aspect of training. What works for the next runner may not be right for your situation.

My job is to successfully guide you through each challenge!

The biggest challenge to consistency in particular is injury. The specific reason why I always make time for individualised injury prevention work in our programmes is so that I can keep you running injury free.