Two Tips to Master Single Leg Squats – Improve Knee Control

Single leg squats, and various different balancing exercises form an important part of any runner’s strength and conditioning plan, as well as being a great tool to gauge control and stability.

You might be one of the many runners who struggles to keep control of knee position when performing these single leg exercises.

Using a single leg squat as an example, the aim should be to keep the patella (or kneecap) pointing forwards throughout the movement. However what we often see when stability at the hip and/or ankle is inadequate, is that the knee drifts inwards towards the midline, into a knee valgus, or knock-kneed position.

If you recognise this drifting inwards of the knee as something you do, check-out the simple tips I present in the video above help you maintain knee control and train your body to provide better stability throughout these single leg movements.

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Last updated on March 2nd, 2021.


  1. I am right handed but left leg dominate. I am training to run NYC Marathon on November 5, 2017. Will be reaching out for additoinal support on strength training.

  2. i have right heel swollen for about persists 2 months running still ok but niggling pain wonder what is the problem tks