Two Great Exercises To Improve Running Hip Mobility

Below are two of my favourite dynamic hip mobility exercises to incorporate into a running specific warm-up.

Truly great “bang for your buck” exercises, as not only do these dynamic drills help to develop improved mobility around the hips; they also challenge balance and stability, both very important factors for runners.

Drill 1: March & Thigh Grab

  • Slow and controlled forward progression for 20-30 metres
  • Hold your posture long and tall
  • Knee-to-Chest, not Chest-to-Knee
  • Feel a stretch in your Glutes and Hamstrings (raised leg), and sometimes Hip Flexors (standing leg)

Drill 2: March & Heel Grab

  • Slow and controlled forward progression for 20-30 metres
  • Hold your posture long and tall, with your Chest up
  • Pull your Heel towards your opposite Hip, while pulling the Knee (same side) up and across your body
  • Feel a deep stretch around your Hip, targeting the often troublesome Piriformis muscle

Last updated on January 10th, 2019.
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  1. Thanks for this – I’ll give it a go. I’m trying to sort out a problem in that I am much stiffer on one side than the other. If I sit on the floor with my legs apart, I can easily touch the toe on my right foot when I stretch my hamstring. On the other side I can’t touch the toe at all. I do mobility exercises before running and stretch afterwards but I’ve had this imbalance for years. Would love to know if you have any other suggestions. Thanks!

  2. I’m looking for a way to encourage young athletes to move their arms in the proper manner. Many of the Younger athletes swing their arms across their bodies creating a side way motion. Do you know of drills/exercises that could be used to provide the forward/back motion.

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