David Rudisha Running Form in Slow Motion

I could watch this video again and again…

Credit must go to Brian Martin and the coaching team at RunningTechniqueTips.com for uploading this great slow-motion footage of Olympic 800m Champion and World Record holder David Rudisha. We could all learn a thing or two from watching his awesome running form.

David Rudisha Running Technique

  • Tall Posture – David remains tall and long in his posture with a ‘whole body’ forward lean, rather than the common bend forwards at the hip. When I describe running with ‘hips high’, this is a great example of what I mean!
  • Great Hip Extension – At terminal stance and through early swing phase David achieves a great deal of hip extension, which largely contributes to his huge stride length. Importantly, it looks like (from this video) he achieves this hip extension without significantly losing pelvic lumbar spine position. Showing great core control.
  • Minimal Vertical Displacement – Watch carefully, there is very little ‘bounce’ in his running gait, very little wasted energy.
  • Foot Landing Under Flexing Knee – Although David appears at first glance to be landing his foot well ahead of his center of mass. Upon closer inspection, he’s doing a great job of landing his foot under the flexing knee. This is one of the most important points when it comes to not overstriding.
  • Huge Stride Length – This is key to his speed. Much like Usain Bolt, he manages to cover a huge distance with each stride, without overstriding.
  • Active Upper Body – Often overlooked, the arms are vitally important. Watch how David’s elbows drive back powerfully with each stride, moving from the shoulder. As the hands come forwards, they do so on a relatively straight plane, with out excessive rotation through the upper body.
Last updated on March 2nd, 2021.


  1. Wow… great slo-mo clip. Powerful, graceful, efficient. He’s the Ken Rosewall (Tennis legend) of running.