Craig Alexander Ironman Core Workout

This morning I stumbled across this video insight into the kind of core training routine that has helped Craig Alexander become three time Ironman World Champion.

Crowie describes the important philosophy in planning an effective core workout – to target the muscles which attach to the pelvis. This helps an athlete to develop vital dynamic control of pelvic position through the functional movements of swimming, cycling and running. This strength and control around the pelvis enables an athlete to maintain great posture and muscle balance throughout the rigours of training and racing.

This approach is far more sport specific and worthwhile for any athlete than simply training the superficial ‘six pack muscles’ as is commonly the error made!

About The Author 

James has an academic background in Sport Rehabilitation and a special interest in Applied Biomechanics. He currently coaches a large number of Runners and Triathletes across all levels of ability and performance. He's grown a strong reputation for enabling athletes to improve their running performance and overcome running injuries through improving their Running Technique and developing Running Specific Strength.


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  • great video! where can i download the routine in text format?

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