Secret Shin Strengthening Exercise!

A few weeks ago I posted a video showing the Heel Walk Drill, used to strengthen particularly the Tibialis Anterior muscle.

This is just a quick video to show how you can still work on improving strength endurance of Tib.Ant. while in the comfort of your own office, on the train, etc…

We like to call it the  “Secret Shin Strengthening Exercise” as you can perform it in stealth mode in the office. While everybody thinks you’re listening intently in a presentation – little do they know you’re concentrating on bulletproofing your shins!

Important: Some runners, such as those who suffer with Anterior Compartment Syndrome will need to avoid this exercise, as it will only go to exacerbate their imbalance. This simply highlights the need for each runner to be assessed 1:1 by a run specialist therapist.

Last updated on January 9th, 2019.


  1. thanks mate.. been doing this one, and ‘rolling the ankle’ , then heel – up (achilles) all while ‘listening’ to the drone of the the speaker… prevents me from falling asleep. when all that is done, and the meeting is still not over, I massage my calves – ankle resting on knee…

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