Sartorius Stretch for Runners

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Usually when we think about the muscles of the anterior thigh, we immediately think about the quadriceps muscles (vastus medialis, vastus intermedius, vastus lateralis and rectus femoris). It is important however that we don’t neglect sartorius.

Much like rectus femoris, the sartorius muscle of the thigh crosses both the hip and the knee, but unlike rec.fem. it’s contraction causes external rotation, abduction and flexion of the hip. This to stretch sartorius we need to find a position that combines internal rotation, adduction and extension of this hip.

The sartorius stretch in the video above achieves the combined movements to target the sartorius muscle brilliantly. Give it a go and let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below!

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Last updated on April 10th, 2019.


  1. Dear James,

    I have been experiencing heals pain for years and tried many exercises, physio and watched tons of videos.

    1. After gait analysis 4years ago with “Natural Way of Running”

    a. I changed my run from heal strikes to ball of foot strike

    b. This change eliminate pain from knees and hips

    c. Made me run faster

    d. Thus, this created tremendous pain on heals and maid calves more tight

    2. Last year I had a class with Chi-running

    a. Now trying to land on ball of the foot with more mass of the foot down but not heals, also they are asking to pull the legs backward without pulling quads up.

    b. No changes in heal pain.

    3. In the past months, I have been visiting physio therapist for the 3rd time; different people

    a. Last physio indicated that my toes don’t hit the ground while I am walking and start giving me toe exercises to build those muscles.

    b. No changes on heal pain but pushing with my toe at the end of the stride, it created new stiffness in my calf. So I stopped that.

    4. Lately, I have seen new videos that most effective is to land on ball of the foot and then land the entire foot including heals. This will extend the calves and release pressure on heals or plantar

    5. Recently, I tried to land the entire foot starting with ball of the foot, utilize your way of lifting legs up than pulling legs only backward as Chi-running, and push hips forward. Less pain while running but heal pain is still there.

    6. My body nature is a bit stiff and I stretch almost every morning and utilize foam roller.

    7. In my 20s I did tons of weight lifting, 30s running including ultra-marathons, 40s boxing and Triathlons. Now I am 52 yrs old with still exercises for triathlons with some weight lifting and toning exercises as bodypump and others

    8. I even get the heal pain after swimming but not as bad as running.

    I watched many of your videos and I can see that you have tremendous research of running injuries.

    My questions are:

    1. What is the most effective running technique for less heal pain

    2. Other exercises that help reducing the pain.

    3. Recommendations and offers.

  2. Hi James
    When I do this on my left side, I get a real tightness across the inside and front of my knee that is very sore. I don’t get this on my other knee?

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