A Simple Dynamic Control Exercise For Runners

A while back now we posted an article about the importance of multi-planar exercises for runners, triathletes and other athletes of similar linear sports.

This afternoon I met for a coaching session with my friend Graham of Triathlon Sherpa, to work on his running. Other than run technique work, a complementary focus of our session was to prescribe a number of simple exercises to improve control and stability of the hip through motion. Improving this helps to protect the knees, and reduce the additional work the muscles of his lower legs have to do to compensate for lacking hip stability. I thought it would be good to an example of the exercises we worked on…

The drill in the video above challenges you to control the position of the standing knee, while rotating and abducting the hip in a closed chain (loaded foot on ground) position. Try it!

Key Point: As you move the free leg and pelvis into rotation and abduction, relative to the standing leg – keep the standing leg patella (knee cap) facing forwards.

Last updated on March 2nd, 2021.


  1. I’m finding these exercises are helping control fatigue in the knee area on long runs. Best thing is, you can do these types of exercises while watching tv 🙂