Running Warm-Up Structure

Brian MacKenzie of CrossFit Endurance shares his thoughts on the ideal warm-up structure for running sessions.

His comment: “…the shorter (and therefore more intense) the session is, the longer (and more structured) the warm up needs to be”, echoes much what our coaches normally recommend when asked about warming up for running.

The obvious problem is that most of us don’t have a spare 40mins to warm up before a 10 x 400m track session, and then 15mins to cool down – as life, work etc… tends to get in the way!

So, perhaps use the great advice and concepts video below to structure your own warm-up, appropriate to the time you have available.

About The Author 

James has an academic background in Sport Rehabilitation and a special interest in Applied Biomechanics. He currently coaches a large number of Runners and Triathletes across all levels of ability and performance. He's grown a strong reputation for enabling athletes to improve their running performance and overcome running injuries through improving their Running Technique and developing Running Specific Strength.


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  • Help getting back to running after a calf muscle tear if it starts to hurt after the first mile?

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