Peroneal Muscle Stretch

Question from Alex: Do you have any stretches you can recommend for getting at the peroneal muscles of the lower leg? I foam roll them but have yet to find a stretch that really works…

How to Stretch the Peroneal Muscles

Hi Alex,

Great question! As you rightly say, stretching the peroneal muscles (also known as fibularis muscles) of the lower leg isn’t easy. In contrast to how easily you can achieve a stretch in your hamstrings, for example, it’s actually rather difficult to take the ankle through sufficient range to put the Peroneal muscles in enough of an end-of-range position to feel an isolated stretch.

Here’s a great video highlighting some of the self-treatment options you have for getting stuck-in to your peroneal muscles. In the video Dr. Brian Ableson particularly focuses on Peroneus Longus.

N.B. Watch right to the end for a great couple of stretches! If you don’t have a stretching strap, try using a towel…

Hope this helps 🙂

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Last updated on March 2nd, 2021.


  1. Great Video – Excellent Advice – We looked at several videos to help my 12 year old son stretch his leg and this is the only one that had accurate info.and lots of suggestions Thank You

  2. Leigh starts out by explaining what might be going wrong on the bike – Bingo! I knew my problem was coming from the bike and I have a smaller set of cranks that is going onto the bike soon – thinking that will give me a little more clearance. In the meantime, I will be paying attention to how my left foot moves while I’m riding. The treatment options and the stretch helped a lot. Thanks.