Medicine Ball Exercises for Runners

Improving as a runner requires a commitment to a certain level of regular training. To take full benefit from your training, it’s important not to solely focus on running, but also address the associated strength, balance, coordination and flexibility factors that allow you to become a better all-round athlete. Medicine ball exercises for runners are an excellent method of working on all of the above factors at once.

Due to the unrestricted, multiplanar motion of the medicine ball, it allows your body to move in a natural and functional way, closely reproducing many of the same montions as running. The trunk motions of flexion, extension and rotation, which the body needs to control when running can be trained well with medicine ball exercises for runners, as can strength and power in the hips. Your Abdominals, Glutes, Hip Flexors and Hamstrings, to name just a few muscle groups, will all get a good workout with a suitable medicine ball program.

Jay from the Running Times added this great video to YouTube, showing some medicine ball exercises for runners that you can easily incorporate into your weekly routine.

Last updated on March 2nd, 2021.


  1. Amazing video. Well shot and fantastic that those clearly talented athletes were willing to show how even great people struggle. I have been looking for something to build in to my tri training as a strenght workout without going to the gym. This is it!