Piriformis Syndrome: What Runners Need to Know

Quite some time ago now I posted one of my favourite stretches for runners to ease the often painful symptoms of Piriformis Syndrome.

In the new video above, I discuss some of the common causes of Piriformis Syndrome in runners, as well as the importance of addressing the root of the problem, not just the symptoms!

Glute Activation & Hip Mobility Routine >>
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Also in this video, I’ve featured a handful of example exercises. Give them a go, and let me know how you get on in the comments below…

Last updated on April 22nd, 2019.


  1. Thanks James! I’ve had this for some time now on and off. Yep did the stretches which relieved it, and yep it came back again. Many thanks for your great explanation, and advice. Hopefully I’ll see the end of this irritating pain in the butt.

  2. Thanks James totally agree with Suzanne, inspired to be more diligent on the exercises and hopefully improve running form to sort properly. Do you do any specific courses for the ageing runner…..50+

  3. Thanks so much for the info. I work in as a physio in Canada with a faiy high sports referral. I’ve used your tips and exercises in addition to my own repertoire. I am currently training for my first marathon with high hopes!!!

  4. This is very well explained, as usual. Thank you! When I started running, PS was such a worry as I didn’t know what it was and thought I’d damaged my hip. It was a relief to find it’s a nerve thing, like a tooth-ache. I keep a tennis ball by my bed and lie on it for a few minutes whenever the problem starts to annoy me, as well as stretching and strengthening exercises. I recommend also Brett Blankner’s Youtube PS video, especially ‘neural flossing’.

  5. I have really tight hip flexors. Do you have a video on stretching them?
    Thanks! Just subscribed, Love all the videos I have watched so far!

  6. I had a very severe bout this summer. What made it more difficult to tackle was that the worst pain wasn’t in the buttock but in that sciatica type of cramping pain radiating down my leg all the way down to the inner side of lower leg. Naturally I ran from orthopaedist to physio and back again but to no avail, they only concentrated on the lower leg suggesting stress fractures (although I tried to explain the type of pain and the location made no sense). Finally an osteopath started to unravel the mess by working on realigning of my pelvis and correcting the position of the affected leg, while acupuncture relieved the tension of the piriformis and the pain eased off. Stretching the glutes is now part of my maintenance routine I simply cannot miss!

  7. Hi James

    Been really suffering with this in 2016.in fact did a 3.6 mile race this weekend and was a gut wrenching 2 minute slower than the same race in 2014 and 2015. Been rollering doing your stretches and others and it still is painful especially when driving. Was seeing a sport therapist which didnt help and seeing an acupuncturist this week( although not convinced on that one) any suggestions welcome

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