Hurdle Drills: Not Just For Hurdlers!

Many runners and triathletes may will look at hurdles on an athletics track and think:

I’m not a hurdler. I have no possible use for those…

Of course in competition, (with the exception of hurdlers) this statement would be true for most of us.

However, in training a set of hurdles can be incredibly useful, both in warming-up, developing mobility and learning the component elements of  good running form.

Elite runners of all distances, from 100m to Marathon will commonly spend time before and after track sessions working on drills using hurdles to improve and maintain Hip mobility, posture, sometimes adding plyometric elements to further develop efficiency.

Check out the drills in the video above, and give them a go next time you’re at the track!

Last updated on January 9th, 2019.
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