Gluteus Medius & Minimus Release Exercises

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I’m always talking about the importance of proper hip mobility, stability and function in runners. If you haven’t read these two blog posts on hip function, you might find them interesting:

Running: It’s All in The Hips

Hip Internal Rotation: Importance in Running Gait

Thankfully, there are some simple exercises that we can all do to actively work on improving hip function. Often, this means ‘releasing’ tight muscles such as Glute Med, TFL, and Piriformis.

Here’s a quick video from Theo Simon at Movement Theory showing an effective exercise to achieve a release of Glute Medius and Glute Minimus.

Last updated on August 14th, 2023.


  1. Thanks so much for this video! I had serious glute dysfunction throughout last year and have been finding ways to keep it at bay now that I’m recovered. It’s a hard area to use with a foam roller or medicine ball and a tennis ball seems too soft. I must get myself a lacrosse ball and try this out! Thanks for posting!

  2. Hi James

    Big fan of the twitter feed, ,my desktop is full of your links.

    Question for you, I have been dealing with an injury for about 9 months now on my right hip bone – the bony protrusion that sticks out of my side. Pain is very localised, just touch on or directly below that bone brings pain. It never really bothers me when I run but more so afterwards or after long periods sitting. Im a triathlete training up to 6 days per week and also incorporate 2 weekly strength and conditioning sessions and do a lot of glute work so I’m pretty confident it’s not gluteal related. I also foam roll regularly and stretch my ITB as part of my routine. I Have had several diagnoses from PT’s and followed several exercise programme they have given me but no no avail. When I took a month out of running the pain did go but it reappeared again. I can also bring about mild pain when I drive my hip out to the side whilst standing on one leg. Do you think this could be TFL related? It seems to be the exact area I’m experiencing pain in I.e. it connects to the hip bone.

    Thanks a million

    1. Hi Mark

      Just wondering have you resolved your issue with your hip or did you receive a reply from James?
      I’m experiencing the exact same pain for the last few months. Have taken a break from Running now that i’m in my off-season and i’m trying to resolve the issue but no luck so far. Similarly i was diagnosed with a tight TFL.

      All Advice Appreciated!!


      1. Hey Cliodhna

        Sorry to hear you’re suffering with this too.

        I never heard anything back from James. The injury does appear to have gone though, I never fully diagnosed it nor did I notice any particular exercise helping to ease the pain.

        Some of the things I took up since the injury first flared are;
        yoga for flexibility, especially in and around the hips
        I use a sliotar (hard ball) to release the area(similar to the video above)
        Strength and flexibility work for hips, glutes, hamstrings etc
        Foam rolling ITB

        Sorry I can’t be more specific but without a proper diagnose myself it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that helped, maybe a combination of everything.

        The pain first started in my left hip then cleared and went to my right hip. Which may indicate an imbalance of some sort or lack of flexibility.

        Have you tried any or all of the above?