Ankle Mobility Exercises

Most of us have probably felt the occasional tightness in our ankles the following day after a long or hard run or bike session. Usually stretching helps, but often it feels like the ankle and foot need to be mobilised dynamically.

The simple exercise shown in the video above uses the start position of a classic calf stretch and then adds in the momentum of the swinging leg to drive the standing foot and ankle into passive load-baring pronation and supination, helping to mobilise the sub-talar joint, midfoot and surrounding soft tissues.

Give it a go, but don’t work into any ranges of motion which produce pain.

Last updated on January 10th, 2019.
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  1. You’ve saved me! I have been suffering recently from tight achilles tendons, calf strain and just tried this exercise out, it reaches the tendons other exercises don’t!

  2. I hurt my ankle ligaments in a car accident 18 years ago (anterior). I was advised to strap my ankle – a strip across the front of my ankle, but I pulled strips of my skin off with the plaster. Any advise to mobilise my ankle?

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