Posterior Tibialis Exercises

Exercises Progressions for Posterior Tibialis Rehab

In this post, I want to provide a little guidance for a number of the runners who have been in touch asking questions about Posterior Tibialis rehab. The following videos and descriptions provide a helpful stage by stage guide for how I often tend to progress the strengthening exercises for the Posterior Tibialis muscle and tendon.

Unresisted Movement Through Range

Depending on your injury, in the initial stages of your treatment and rehabilitation, your Physio may well prescribe non-weight bearing, unresisted range of motion exercises, such as that in the video below. These help to develop strength and pain free range of motion into inversion and eversion in particular.

Resisted Movement Through Range

As your treatment progresses, resistance exercises further help to build strength and stimulate the healing process of the Tib.Post. tendon. Using a resistance band as per the video below particularly helps to build crucial eccentric strength.

Weight Bearing Proprioception

The next progression adds the important weight bearing and proprioceptive elements. Perform this exercise barefoot. The video demonstrates well how Tib.Post. has to constantly work dynamically to maintain medial arch height as the body moves above the foot.

Dynamic Weight Bearing Proprioception

As a progression to the above exercise, we now add more dynamic movement from the upperbody, while still in single limb stance. This challenges Tib.Post. further to maintain the medial arch.

Heel Raise with Inversion

Here’s another weight bearing exercise to build strength in Posterior Tibialis.

Low Level Plyometrics

Here’s another weight bearing exercise to build strength in Posterior Tibialis.

N.B. Begin With A Few 10sec Efforts – See How Your Tib.Post. Reacts!

Ballistic Heel Raise Off Step

Here’s a ballistic weight bearing exercise, working trough full range to build strength in Posterior Tibialis.

N.B. Start Gently – Build Up To The Intensity Of The Exercise In The Video!

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James has an academic background in Sport Rehabilitation and a special interest in Applied Biomechanics. He currently coaches a large number of Runners and Triathletes across all levels of ability and performance. He's grown a strong reputation for enabling athletes to improve their running performance and overcome running injuries through improving their Running Technique and developing Running Specific Strength.



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  • Thanks for posting this James.

    What number of reps/sets do you recommend to start with for each exercise, and how should this progress over time?


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  • I currently have Tendonitis in my Post. Tib. When I stretch it, it is very sore the next couple days, like I am hurting it. Is this normal? Should I continue to stretch it? Thanks

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