Single Leg Squats: Three Variations

One of the first videos I ever uploaded to YouTube was this demonstration of do’s and don’ts for the Single Leg Squat.

Unbelievably (to me at least) that was nearly five years ago!

I think it’s about time I put together another Single Leg Squat video showing some variations on a theme for this popular exercise.

Here’s a ten minute routine using the exercises in the video 🙂

  • Single Leg Squat with Wall Push: 2 x 10 each leg (push knee against ball)
  • Single Leg Squat with Lateral Rotation: 2 x 10 each leg (slow and controlled)
  • Single Leg Squat with Forward Reach: 2 x 10 each leg (sit back, keep back straight)

Note: The first exercise I often use as a regression exercise for runners who struggle with the basic single leg squat. The second two are progressions, and as such are somewhat more challenging!

Let me know how you get on, and if this is something you find helpful…

Last updated on March 2nd, 2021.


  1. I tried the bottle trick from the other video last night and it worked great for me to keep better form. My balance is still bad so I think the stability ball variation will work really well to help me get stronger

    1. I love the bottle trick Michele! The stability ball variation is usually great for those struggling to maintain control. Let me know how you get on…

      1. I had to modify the stability ball squat a bit but it worked great for me. Mine looks to be bigger and maybe also due to being short, I had trouble trying to just hold the ball up against the wall with my leg. Instead I left the ball on the floor and just held the outside of my lower leg against it and it worked great. My other knee stayed straight and I didn’t wobble at all. Definitely feel them in the glutes the next day. Thanks for all the videos!