Review: Run Smart by John Brewer

I was a little sceptical when I first picked up Run Smart by John Brewer, as the quote on the front was from a radio presenter rather than a running coach or an elite runner. But I gave it a chance, and quickly I was hooked! This book is well put-together, with nice imagery, easy to read paragraphs and a layout that simplifies the science and training behind marathon running.

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Review: Unbelievable by Jessica Ennis

I couldn’t help but pick up this book because Jessica Ennis was one of the reasons I got into running. She may be a heptathlete but it was more her motivation and persistence to do well even if she had the weight of the world on her from the pressure of the British public for her to win gold medals!

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Review: Run for Your Life – Mindful Running for a Happy Life

When I first picked-up William Pullen’s book Run For Your Life, I instantly fell in love. A book like this that links running and mental health, immediately sits very close to my heart as I use running as a form of stress and anxiety relief. In this book, the author explains the reasoning for how running really can help with mental health. He then sets out practical steps as to how any runner can make positive steps.

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