Review: Run or Die by Kilian Jornet

run or die book review

Kilian is one of my biggest idols on the running scene. He has an ability to push himself beyond any normal capacity. Having no fear whilst doing so on top of a mountain range inspires me every day to not give up when things seem tough!

As an aspiring ultrarunner, I’ve always wanted to know the background of the man who has climbed Mt. Everest unassisted. Twice!  I love how he tells the story of his mental processes and physical capabilities.

This book is a great account of the great ultra runner and ski-mountaineer who started climbing mountains when he was very young.

I did find the title a bit off topic. Although Kilian has had some pretty near death experiences through what he does. There isn’t really a meaning behind the ‘Run or Die’.

Kilian explains a step-by-step of how he ran his races and how competitive he is, all jumbled into different chapters rather than a story of his life. Kilian also explains how he has got to the stage of where he is at now, the book lacks a little structure but I still found it a good read.

I like how Kilian explains how he thinks when he is running and tells us how he copes when the going does get tough and I think that is really valuable considering his strong mindset, it proves that even the best athletes go through bad patches in running!

Kilian’s book is an amazing read into the story of one of the greatest ultra runners of all time. The story of how he grew up around mountains and keeps breaking records in anything he does. As well as push his body harder than us mere mortals can even dream of!

I recommend this book to any runner. Not just an ultra runner or ski mountaineer. If you are looking to get into ultra running then this book will definitely inspire you, it certainly did me!

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Last updated on March 2nd, 2021.