Review: Run for Your Life – Mindful Running for a Happy Life

When I first picked-up William Pullen’s book Run For Your Life, I instantly fell in love.

A book like this that links running and mental health, immediately sits very close to my heart as I use running as a form of stress and anxiety relief. In this book, the author explains the reasoning for how running really can help with mental health. He then sets out practical steps as to how any runner can make positive steps.

The book is insightful and interactive, with built-in pages for you to write a diary about your inner feelings. For example, in the depression section of the book it acts as though you are talking to a psychologist by asking you questions such as “what does the word depression mean to you” leading the reader into further consideration on steps to help with this mental block.

The book itself is based upon Running Dynamic Therapy (DMT) and how running can positively affect mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Many people use exercise as a form of release for their mental strains but never actually talk about it or wright their feelings down, which in my opinion is a crucial step, so I feel like this book is a holy grail for anyone (not just runners) suffering with these kinds of mental stresses and strains.

When I start to feel anxious or even a smidgen stressed I pick-up this book to the specific chapter to see what I have written in the sections. I look at the mental routines to relax and to reassure myself. Nine times out of ten, I then head out for a run!

I’d recommend this book to anyone and everyone, an amazingly detailed book about anxiety, lack of motivation, depression and even addiction to their workplace, and how to approach these using the right mindfulness techniques so we cal all feel focused and happy.

You can pick-up a copy of Run for Your Life – Mindful Running for a Happy Life at Amazon

Last updated on March 2nd, 2021.