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Quick Tips for Running Technique Assessment

Quick Tips for Running Technique Assessment

Every runner’s technique is individual. If you ever get a chance to see a video of yourself, or another athlete running, use the tips in this video to assess whether or not you’re overstriding, and how your effective your stride pattern is.

If you can teach yourself how to run with your foot striking the ground under a flexing knee, you’ll be placing less stress and impact on joints such as the knee it self.

Both increasing running cadence (stride frequency) and increasing hip and knee flexion for a given pace will help you land closer to beneath your knee, rather than excessively ahead of yourself with an overstride.

Check out today’s new video for more of an insight into how improve your running form.

You can video and assess your own running form using the mobile app I featured in this recent video: Best Running App for Gait Analysis

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