Mobile Running Apps: What Do You Use?

I’m a bit of a geek about my gadgetry, Apps and such things! This morning I asked the following question on Twitter, to see what others use:

Your Choice of Mobile Running Apps…

Having been inundated with the many responses to my question, I thought I’d share a selection in today’s blog post 🙂

Note Jan 2014: New and updated apps are constantly hitting the market, so I obviously foresee that this post will need to be updated in coming months…

Which do you use?

Feel free to leave your App recommendations in the comments section below…

Last updated on March 2nd, 2021.


  1. This discussion needs updating all the time, kudos to you for recognising it. I’ve created one of those “new” apps that you mentioned, FitFriend, made to resemble a real world stopwatch.

    Another good topic that stems from this is what ratio of runners train with their stopwatches compared to mobiles. It can be known how many runners use Garmins, or how many runners use X app. But what % of runners use their watches, and by what rate is that increasing or decreasing? I have so many curiosities about this and 100 other related topics here…

  2. I use Strava on the iPhone in emergencies, would rather use my Garmin and upload to the website. A great iPhone app for tweeting/facebooking distance updates while running is @MyWhereAbouts, I used it to tweet my progress during my first marathon. Sent a tweet/fb post every mile. Good for family to track me around the course, and was nice boost to hear my phone beep when I got a mention 🙂

  3. Strava for Run & Bike for Android – there are quite a few locally in North East Cumbria who use it, so it is great for getting ideas for new training routes – plus I think it can motivational to see what everyone is doing, especially when the weather is grotty and you are struggling to get yourself outdoors. Training for Ultras i find that the App drains the phone battery quickly so I have take to carrying an external/back up battery with me!

  4. BattleSuit Runner Fitness is like Zombies Run but more of a game (and has a free version!). It is a story running adventure game that can be used at the same time as Nike+ or the other popular fitness tracker apps. Definitely worth checking it out.

  5. I’ve been using Runzi (Android) for over six months now. Very nice and easy to use. Measures duration, distance, pace, impact etc. It’s free and worth of trying.

  6. Really interested in these comments James as I use MapMyRide/Run as i ride more than I run. I am however not over the moon with MMR as I have lost a number of sessions mid workout. very frustrating when you sit down at home and realise that you have logged the full time but only a 1/4 of the distance you covered. that being said I love the audible readout of my stats every mile. I am also pretty good at judging distances from home now as well 🙂

    Obviously as you gain a body of data the willingness to switch product goes down. Strava has been well recommended to me but what my friends use is also a big pull. Tough decision.