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Three Marathon Training Mistakes to Avoid for Race Day Success

I want to share a few marathon training mistakes that you need to avoid, if you’re going to reach your running goals in the new year. It’s always really exciting at this time of year to look ahead to our running goals for the spring! For many of us, these goals are going to involve a spring marathon! Whatever your marathon goals are, there are a number of common training errors which you need to avoid if you’re going to be successful on race day.

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Trail Running: Could it be Your Next Step?

woman trail running

Trail running has boomed in popularity in recent years. A handful of years ago, it was a fairly obscure sport with a small but dedicated group of fans. Today, it is one of the fastest growing sectors of the running world, with new events popping up all over the globe, and big brand companies like Salomon and Hoka One One sponsoring race teams to travel the world.

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