Working with HERE Technologies to Make Running Data More Engaging

I’m sitting here a couple of days after this year’s Berlin Marathon, still reliving various moments in my head.

It was an incredible experience, and opportunity that came as a result of my partnership with HERE Technologies, who were sponsoring the marathon again this year.

The short video above explains HERE’s #mybeautifulrun project, and what I was participating in as part of HERE’s group of 50 tracked runners, sharing real-time data throughout the marathon.

Each of us tracked runners wore a smartwatch loaded with HERE’s tracking software, which enabled their team to receive our individual data on the run and turn it into a meaningful visualisation.

To learn more about HERE’s #mybeautifulrun project, check-out the blog post on their website.

How did my run go?

I’ve been asked numerous times over the last couple of days, how my marathon went… If I’m honest, I’m a little stunned by the support from our community here online.


I can assure you that it really did make a difference.

My finish time was 4:02.56, which is a little slower than my marathon PB, but given that I had to stop just after the 38km mark to do fulfil some pre-agreed media obligations, I’m happy. I had targeted 3:59, and was perfectly on-track up to that point.

I tried to make-up the time in the last few km, but I had left myself too much to do!

All-in-all there are two big pluses I’m taking from the whole experience.

  1. With about five weeks notice, I managed to sufficiently scale-up my run training load to have me marathon-ready, and finish injury free.
  2. This is one of the most consistent pacing performances I’ve produced. I’m super-happy about that!

I shared more thoughts from the day in this video over on Facebook:

Did you run Berlin Marathon this year?

If so, how was it for you?

Last updated on March 2nd, 2021.