Trying to Run Like Mo Farah


In today’s livestream, I want to discuss an important point that exists around some of the running technique analysis video I’ve been sharing here on YouTube. Over recent weeks, I’ve released video insights into the running form of athletes like Mo Farah, Mirinda Carfrae and Shalane Flanagan, and I’ve got more to come across the coming weeks.

I find it super-interesting to watch and re-watch these slow motion videos, to help understand what these professional endurance athletes do when they run to be so smooth and efficient in their technique. However, there are some dangers in runners like you and I trying to directly emulate the techniques of these great runners.

There’s a reason why you move in the way you do when you run. Tightness, weakness, instability etc… these factors all dictate the way you run. Work on these first, then gently work on form.

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