Strength & Flexibility Programmes

Most athletes below Elite and Professional levels don’t experience the performance and injury prevention benefits of structured strength and conditioning workouts in their weekly training schedule.

As runners and triathletes, there’s no need for us to be lifting heavy weights or putting on significant muscle bulk. Our strength programmes specifically focus on body weight exercises, and light resistance exercises which can be performed anywhere with little or no equipment.

This blog post on multiplanar exercises for runners helps to explain our philosophy on strength training for runners and triathletes.

We provide athletes with gym based and non-gym based strength programmes to supplement their current training plan, so as to improve functional strength, enhance performance and help avoid injury.

Six Week Strength & Conditioning Programme: £45

This Includes:

    • Workouts Tailored To Your Needs
    • Full Video Exercise Descriptions
    • 2 x Telephone Coaching Consultations

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