Glute Kickstart Programme – Q&A

1. What part of the running action do the glute muscles power?

2. What to do if I get knee pain doing squats or lunges?

3. How do I get the transfer from exercises into running form?

4. Any there any specific glute exercises that will help prevent ITB pain when running long distances?

5. Should I complete the full 12 week programme before starting to run again? I haven’t run for over 2 years before which I was comfortably running 3 x 5K a week.

Bonus Resource – Return to Running Programme

6. What is the best way to know you are activating your glutes correctly?

7. How many glute specific workouts do you recommend for a runner on a regular basis?

8. How to use this programme as an ongoing resource?

9. Should I stop exercising whilst I follow this programme? Currently I cycle, swim, do pilates and am continuing to run/walk

10. How to activate glute med when you have an over dominant hamstring – when I do glute exercises it seems to target my right hamstring instead of my glute, but I have no problem activating the glute on the left side with the same exercise.