Functional Running Assessment & Gait Re-training

Today’s Evidence Based Approach

CPD Course (15hrs) // Running Biomechanics // Functional Rehabilitation

This two day course offers healthcare and fitness professionals, coaches and athletes a unique opportunity to learn an evidence based approach to assessing, rehabilitating and developing runners and triathletes.

Develop a comprehensive and applied understanding of current research surrounding best clinical and coaching practices in the assessment and functional rehabilitation of running injuries, using biomechanical principals.

Weekend Course

Course Structure & Content

Bring your training kit. We’re strong believers in the importance of practical learning!

Day 1

9AM – 1PM

  • Introductions & Course Overview
  • Functional Anatomy & Running Biomechanics
  • Key Concepts
    – Biomechanical Overload Syndrome
    – Tissue Stress & Strain Theory
    – Biomechanical Rehabilitation Approach
  • Review of Current Research
    – Current Research Surrounding Running Gait Re-education
    – Injury Specific Research

2pm – 5pm

  • Functional Assessment Philosophy & Protocol
    – Testing Key Competencies
    – Identifying Weak Links, Imbalances & Restrictions
  • Assessment Interpretation & Application
    – Develop Clinical Reasoning Skills
    – Injury Specific Considerations

Day 2

9AM – 1PM

  • Running Video Analysis
    – Outdoor & Treadmill Video Analysis Protocol
    – Identify Common Movement Dysfunctions & Compensations
    – Develop Interpretation Skills

2PM – 5PM

  • Running Gait Re-education
    – Evidence Based Coaching Principals
    – Learn Drills, Techniques & Cues to Correct Common Flaws
    – Prescribe Corrective Exercises to Reinforce Gait Re-education

Take Home Material

Every attendee will leave with a full copy of the course material.

Course Tutors

James Dunne

James Dunne BSc (Hons) GSR

James is a Sport Rehabilitation coach, specialising in running gait re-education and exercise-based rehab. His passion is for identifying and correcting the dysfunctional movement patterns that cause overuse injuries or impaired efficiency in endurance athletes. He holds a degree in Sport Rehabilitation and has a special interest in the functional biomechanics of running.

Brad Neal

Brad Neal MSc MCSP

Brad is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Research Lead at Pure Sports Medicine. His clinical interest lies in the field of Biomechanics, Patellofemoral Pain (PFJP), Tendinopathy and other overload pathologies. Academically he is a PhD candidate at Queen Mary, University of London on the topic of hip strengthening and running re-education for PFJP.

Upcoming Course Dates

Central London

28/29th Apr 2018