Frequently Asked Questions

How Does this Challenge Fit-in with My Current Training Plan?

We had this specific question in mind when developing the challenge material. The nature of the 10-15min daily workouts we’ve put together mean that they won’t add significant training volume or intensity to your regular plan. So whether you’re training for your first 5km race or pushing for a sub 9hr Ironman finish, you’ll be able to follow the workouts effectively.

The exercises and drills we’ve chosen represent areas we know 99% of athletes could do with working on, alongside their regular training plan.

What Equipment Will I Need to Take Part in the 30 Day Challenge?

Very little. Most of the exercises we’ve chosen require no equipment. Some may require a little improvisation, such as finding a step. The only specific equipment we use is a resistance band, which many runners will have access to, and can be purchased cheaply here: Amazon – Resistance Bands.

I’m Currently Injured. Can I Take Part?

All injuries are different, and your rehab is unique to your circumstances. Take the guidance of your Physical a Therapist and listen to your body. Don’t be tempted to exercise through pain. If it hurts, stop!

Do You Offer Specific Guidance For Individuals?

For individual advice concerning the 30 Day Challenge, join our Facebook Group!