Upper Back Pain: Three Foam Roller Techniques


This morning I filmed a new video for our YouTube channel demonstrating three techniques runners, and everybody else for that matter, can use to improve function of their thoracic spine and the surrounding muscles.

The thoracic spine doesn’t generally have a great deal of movement available to it, largely due to the presence of the rib cage. However the movement it should have is somewhat critical. Thoracic extension in particular is important in maintaining normal pain free function of the shoulders and neck.

I’ve previously shared a video demonstrating this popular upper back stretch. Hopefully the exercises and techniques in the video above will prove equally as helpful to many runners.

About The Author 

James has an academic background in Sport Rehabilitation and a special interest in Applied Biomechanics. He currently coaches a large number of Runners and Triathletes across all levels of ability and performance. He's grown a strong reputation for enabling athletes to improve their running performance and overcome running injuries through improving their Running Technique and developing Running Specific Strength.



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