Triathlon Swimming Technique Coaching

As with any physical skill, the skill of swimming with an efficient, relaxed stroke is very coachable using the right cues, drills and consistent practice.

Once the athlete has been given the technique based visual feedback from our Swimming Video Analysis, we can begin coaching to:

  • Enhance swimming efficiency
  • Improve body position
  • Reduce drag
  • Develop timing
  • Reduce the risk of overuse injury

The Kinetic Revolution Method takes into account current research and proven coaching practices to enable the athlete to most effectively and safely make small changes to their movement patterns: changes which have dramatic effects in improving swimming efficiency and effectiveness of their swim stroke.

Importantly, the combination of swimming specific strengthening exercises and individual technique coaching is at the heart of the Kinetic Revolution Method. This is one of the main features which makes our method stand out above the others as a complete coaching solution for both performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Repetition is the key to success. As with learning or adapting any new skill, practicing a new way of swimming feels strange at first. However, through consistent practice, it becomes natural, subconscious and efficient.

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