Triathlon Swimming Technique Analysis & Coaching

The first skill in each triathlon discipline is to develop efficiency. Never has this been more true than in triathlon swimming.

Our specialist swim coaches will teach you how being a relaxed, efficient swimmer, will make you faster over your chosen race distance.

Leaving the water feeling fresh despite a great swim performance is key to triathlon success.

Triathlon Swim Analysis

Minor improvements in body position and technique have a powerful effect on swimming efficiency and performance.

Kinetic Revolution’s one-to-one Triathlon Swimming Technique Coaching specifically targets your individual needs, developing improved swimming body position, technique, timing and strength. We provide 100% focus and feedback on you and every facet of your stroke.

Rather than feeling your way through the water, our instant video feedback will enable us to show you exactly how you move and how you can improve using simple strategies.

Not until you experience the reality of video feedback are you in a position to make positive change as a swimmer.

Using cutting edge video capture and analysis software, we provide video feedback from multiple angles; perfect for spotting those body position, technique and timing issues which ultimately inhibit swimming efficiency.

This valuable instant video feedback enables you to accelerate the learning process in the water, making the most from your coached session.

Improving your swim stroke efficiency through our Triathlon Swimming Video Analysis and Coaching service will enable you to swim faster for less effort. Producing not only a faster swim – but a faster race!

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