Running Video Analysis

Our specialist running video analysis service provides a comprehensive evaluation of your running technique from head-to-toe.

Combining technology with years of experience and coaching expertise, we will advise you on areas for improvement within your running form, both in terms of performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Running Video Analysis

Your Running in Detail

Slow-motion video analysis provides exceptional insight into an athlete’s movement patterning, areas of muscular imbalance, weakness, restriction, and compensatory patterns.

We will identify possible root causes of running injuries and areas for potential improvements in speed and efficiency. Following a thorough video analysis of your running form, we provide you with specific drills, cues and exercises to correct identified flaws and imbalances.

This is the start point for any athlete looking to  make meaningful, and lasting improvement to their running.

Is Video Analysis Right For You?

We’re often contacted by new runners and triathletes who assume that this type of service is only for elite runners looking for marginal gains.

The reality couldn’t be further from this!

We’re yet to meet a runner who isn’t benefited by improving their movement skills, regardless of their performance level.

Book a session and experience how we can improve your running from the first session.


Running Video Analysis