Episode 26: Interview with Richard Lander Stow

Episode 26: Interview with Richard Lander Stow
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Richard Lander Stow

Earlier in May, Neil took time-out to interview one of our coached athletes about his journey into endurance sports. Meet Richard Lander Stow…

Message from Richard…

Ultra dressed as Superman done, pictures and more here: wp.me/p31pp8-jq

On the 10/11 May I ran in a 24 hour ultra marathon dressed as a nun, also for charity. Surely you can donate a £ or two for such silliness? More info here: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/richls

If you want to find out more about my wife’s leukaemia our blog is here: theleukaemiaconclusion.co.uk

Workout of The Month

The 5k Super Set

After a very thorough warm-up, run 600 metres at close-to-all-out intensity, and then ‘gear down’ to current 5-K pace for 1000 metres. That combination (600-1000) constitutes your first super set, and after approximately a four-minute jog recovery (you can abbreviate this over time), you should carry out a similar super set (600-1000), jog for four more minutes, and then close the workout with one final super (600-1000) combo, followed by a cool-down…

Read in full at Performance-Edge.me


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