Episode 8: Run Pacing Strategies & Running Off The Bike

Episode 8: Run Pacing Strategies & Running Off The Bike
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Neil and James discuss run pacing strategies, and running off the bike as the main focuses of this week’s Train Smarter podcast. Should you be looking to negative split your next race? How should you possibly approach training to run off the bike?

Episode Resources

Pro Tips For Kona Qualification

Gary Fegan from the Buccaneer Race Team (buccaneertri.com) posed a question on Twitter asking many of the Pros for their top tips on qualifying for Kona.

Here’s the list of pro tips that resulted: click here.

Vary Your Running Shoes For Injury Prevention

Here’s the link to Craig Payne’s article discussing this recent research:

‘Can parallel use of different running shoes decrease running-related injury risk?’

Barefoot and Minimalist Runners Wanted!

If you’re a barefoot / minimalist runner and can get to Boston, MA, I’d seriously suggest getting involves with the research being carried out by Dr Irene Davis and her team at the Spaulding National Running Center.

Here’s a link to the post on RunBlogger about this opportunity.

Run Pacing

Here’s an article Neil published to further discuss pacing: Run Pacing: Get the Pace Right

Twitter Question of The Week

This week, Amanda Wilmer asked us for specific tips about running off the bike in triathlon. Specifically in terms of the differences between running for Ironman, Sprint Tri, and everything in between!



  • Thanks James & Neil,

    I guess l was thinking that l would introduce brick sessions next year closer to race but actually listening l think l will start now! Even if it is just a couple of km off the bike (postponing the coffee and cake for 15 mins more will hurt me more). The run pacing conversation loops in quite well too. Often l am so happy to get off the bike that its easy to get carried away…

    With regards to your own pacing. When you did you half, you went by ‘actual’ speed and your friend went by average. For IM l am thinking average is better though? Or maybe more for you in IMWales average is better and for me in IMNice actual is better is mine as it is pancake flat…

    • Hi Amanda!

      I’d agree that for IM race pacing average is perhaps better. Perhaps average pace per km (or mile), rather than average for the entire run leg.

      Thoughts Neil…?

  • Hi Amanda

    Yes James is quite correct I would go for best pace per km or mile. For France I would use kms, so if you are a 3:00 marathon runner I would suggest a best day possible would be a 3:30 IM run so you would pace each km at 5 mins and try and hang on.


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