Episode 5: Breathing Patterns, Heart Rate & Running Cadence

Episode 5: Breathing Patterns, Heart Rate & Running Cadence
Train Smarter Podcast

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This week on the Train Smarter podcast, coach Neil Scholes and I endeavoured to answer a number of questions that have been asked by our followers on Twitter and Facebook.

We had a huge list of questions, and after an hour had only covered two or three of the running topics we had lined up to talk about! More to come in the next few weeks…

Episode Resources

While Neil and I were chatting on this week’s podcast, I made a few notes in terms of helpful links to share:

Dead Bug Breathing Exercise

Baby Breathing Exercise

3D Diaphragm Anatomy


Of course there’s an Ironman branded version, costing £10 more on Amazon than the same without the MDot logo!

Running Cadence Blog Post

Click here to check out our blog post on running cadence research.

Barefoot Running Review Paper

While aimed towards barefoot running, this recent (Oct 2013) review paper published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) makes for interesting reading in terms of all aspects of running form: Read it here



  • Really interesting podcast guys. I really like the way you talk at several points about getting a sense of feeling in your body. A sense of running at different paces. Also, not over analysing but being confident that if you know stuff, then it should soak in to your body. I love it how you mention mindfulness toward the end as well. Thanks for posting..

    What do you think is the most important point for brand new runners? Breathing or cadence? I guess every runner is different though …

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