Episode 4: Olympic Lifting for Endurance Athletes with Ben Richens

Episode 4: Olympic Lifting for Endurance Athletes with Ben Richens
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This week on the Train Smarter podcast we have an interview with Strength & Conditioning coach Ben Richens of The Athletic Edge.

I’ve been asked a few times recently about the use of Olympic Lifts (Snatch & Clean and Jerk) in reference to endurance athletes. I thought it would be a great opportunity to interview Ben as I know he does a lot of work with triathletes in particular and has a strong personal background in both competitive running and weightlifting!

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Ben mentioned the Clean Pull in his interview, below is a video demonstration:

Clean Pull

Important Points:

  • Although this is a very simple exercise, getting coaching from an person qualified to teach this is always preferential
  • Practice first with a wooden stick or just the movement without a bar
  • This is an exercise to develop explosiveness, do this under no fatigue and the movement should be done explosively (but safely)
  • Doing 4-6 repetitions is recommended in each set for 4-6 sets

The Athletic Edge

If you’re ever in South West London, I can certainly recommend taking a visit to meet Ben and the team at The Athletic Edge for a session.

Visit their website at theathleticedge.co.uk


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  • UK physio in NZ.
    Thanks so much for your podcasts.
    As someone who struggles with written word, it is awesome to find a podcast with excellent content. I will be recommending you to all my UK contacts.
    On a side note I am also an athlete and long distance trail runner myself. Its great to hear therapists/trainers talking about the importance strength training with good technique for runners.
    BTW, you might be interested in Foundation Training an approach that only uses body weight and breathing to focus on strengthening the posterior chain muscles.
    Keep up the good work guys

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