Episode 24: Avoid Knee Pain Running Downhill

Episode 24: Avoid Knee Pain Running Downhill
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This week we take time to discuss a topic that many will be familiar with – knee pain. Particularly the knee pain so many runners suffer with when running downhill.

One of our Twitter followers asked what can be done about such knee pain 4 weeks out from a hilly ultra marathon. We discuss techniques to employ in the short-term and areas to strengthen in the long-term to protect the knees…




  • It’s been over 13 minutes in the podcast and still nothing on the title of the podcast. Please make your podcasts more compact and to the point. Too much rambling I feel. Thanks

    • Hi Mike,

      Useful feedback, thanks!

      Neil and I can waffle on, for sure. Perhaps we should consider opening the episode with the main ‘title content’ in future, and leave the round-up chat to later on in the show…




  • Personally I think the feedbacks a bit harsh. Apart from the weekly update chat being interesting it is possible to skip it if you really must! Keep up the good work.

  • Carry on rambling if you like James/Neil 🙂

    @ Mike13 – Dude, it’s a 45 minute podcast, do you really expect it to be solely about a single topic for that whole duration every time? There’s going to be some filler and I’ve no issue with listening to how James and Neil and some of their clients have been progressing………

  • My vote would be to keep the current format. I really appreciate the preamble and find the information very valuable. James/Neil keep up the great work and looking forward to hearing your regularly monthly podcasts. Cheers

  • A possible suggestion – similar to the layout of ‘Talk Ultra’ podcasts.
    It is useful to have an estimate in time of where each topic begins within the program.
    These can be laid out below the podcast summary, say in 4 bullet points with time location within the podcast given – e.g. Avoid Knee Pain Running Downhill – 22.10
    This makes it easy to find topics, particularly when listening a second time for a specific reminder or piece of info.

    That way you can keep the excellent content as it is, and keep everyone happy!

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