Episode 23: Jeff Gaudette’s Strength & Conditioning Philosophy for Runners

Episode 23: Jeff Gaudette’s Strength & Conditioning Philosophy for Runners
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This week James interviews Jeff Gaudette of RunnersConnect.net and discusses topics surrounding strength and conditioning training for runners. Ex-elite runner Jeff shares his thoughts and philosophies surrounding how best to approach this important and often neglected element of run training…

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  • Hi guys, I have been suffering for about 5 months with ITBS and lots of lateral knee pain. I have done extensive physio work and concentrated mainly on glute and hip strengthening, shortening my stride length and increasing my cadence. The pain subsides with a few weeks rest but soon returns after a few runs ( on a run every 3 days basis ) and i feel back to square one, this has been months now and i would be over the moon if you could give me any more advice on what i could be doing right or wrong. I am also looking into trying minimalist shoes when i can run again to see if that would help? Many thanks. Neil Barrigan.

  • Great interview, agree with all of it. Very very smart stuff.

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