Episode 18: Treadmill Running as a Training Tool

Episode 18: Treadmill Running as a Training Tool
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This week, Neil and James discuss treadmill running as a training tool. This is a subject that often polarises runner’s opinions; some will run almost exclusively on the treadmill, while many will refuse to run on the treadmill at all.

Personally I (James) would always opt for an outdoor run over a treadmill session if the option is available. However as a coach, I know that the treadmill can be a useful training tool in some situations, when used with good running form and all the variables (speed, and particularly incline) are properly understood and utilised…

Galen Rupp – Post Race Treadmill Session

Treadmill workout immediately AFTER his 3:50 indoor mile:

4 Mile Treadmill Tempo –> 4:50-4:30 Cutdown + 3 x 150 Blowouts

This isn’t exactly the video I was referring to on the podcast – but is exactly the same principal!

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  • Interesting show. I’ve always been interested in hearing more about treadmill running, so it was defiantly a worthwhile topic. One thing that did cross my mind was, when discussing the differences of both types of running, you did not mention anything about temperature. As, from my experience, I tend to sweet much more and have even become light headed and jelly legged during and after a treadmill workout, which very rarely happens in an outdoor run. Even though wind resistance does slow you down to a degree, doesn’t it also have a cooling effect and help lower the effort level?

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