Episode 17: Mental Toughness in Athletes & Duathlon Training

Episode 17: Mental Toughness in Athletes & Duathlon Training
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This week Neil and James follow-up on a few comments we’ve made previously on the podcast with regards to mental toughness.

Duathlon Training – Stepping Up Distances

We also discuss the differences between training for different duathlon (run:bike:run) distances, from sprint to ultra.

Quick Poll to Help Us Improve

As mentioned in this week’s episode, we’ve put together a super-quick poll to gauge what it is everybody wants us to talk about! We’d be very grateful for any responses :)



  • Another enjoyable podcast, they are like wine and women and improve with time (so my wife tells me) I agree with Neils views about mental strength building, sometimes you have to suffer a bit to get stronger, also regarding the future direction of the podcast, whatever path you choose keep it simple, a bit science is good but commonsense advice on laymans terms is better appreciated as understood :-)

  • Hi guys, just catching up again after losing the ipod – we’ve just published the following on this topic – hope you don’t mind the link http://buccaneertri.com/mentally-attacking-kona/

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