Episode 11: Hill Running, Run-Walk Strategies, Compression Garments & Desert Ultra Training

Episode 11: Hill Running, Run-Walk Strategies, Compression Garments & Desert Ultra Training
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Our last episode of 2013 is a Question and Answer special. We discuss a number of the questions recently submitted by listeners via Twitter…

Episode Resources

Hill Running Research

Here’s a link to the hill running research paper Neil and I discussed at the start of the show:

Effects of different uphill interval-training programs on running economy and performance.


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Desert Ultra Training

Just for fun – here’s Luke Tyburski’s self-shot documentary on his first MdS experience…

Compression Garments

Here’s a great commentary from Dr Charlie Pedlar and Jess Hill discussing research surrounding compression wear: Compression garments: Do they really work?

Also, here’s a recent meta analysis from the same research team at St Mary’s, Twickenham: Compression garments and recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage: a meta-analysis.

Changing Your Training After Success

Thoughts on Run-Walk Strategies

More info on Jeff Galloway’s Run-Walk Method

Bobby Mcgee’s Run:Walk Protocol


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  • I see a lot of people asking about compression garments and improvement of performance or shortening of recovery, however is there any information on compression garments harming performance?

    I ran a series of over length trail marathons last year and I found that wearing calf guards I would always start to cramp in calf muscles at about mile 17 to 20 and the cramps would come and go until I rolled the calf guards (Compressport R2) down. I decided to race without them and didn’t get any lower leg cramping at all. The calf guards were the correct size and were worn properly as a Compressport employee measured me, provided them and showed me how to wear them.

    I do wear compression gear on my legs for recovery, but I often feel that I’m doing so hopefully and don’t really seem to see any shortening of recovery, but as you said “with a study of n=1 there are so many variables to factor in,” or something like that 😉

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