Ep55: Training Your Mind to Improve Performance with Evie Serventi

Ep55: Training Your Mind to Improve Performance with Evie Serventi
Train Smarter Podcast

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In this episode of The Train Smarter Podcast, Luke interviews Sports & Exercise Psychologist Evie Serventi.

Evie’s Father opened her eyes (and mind) up the power of psychology, and she became so interested in learning more about how implementing a certain mental approach can benefit our sporting performances, she changed careers!

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Evie Serventi Interview

Luke & Evie go back and forth about what is sports psychology, how can everyone benefit from regular practise, and the true power of spending time to ask yourself why you are taking part in any event.

There are many actionable takeaways from this conversation, so get your mind ready for this episode of The Train Smarter Podcast.

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