Ep46: What if Running at Your Intended Marathon Pace Feels Too Fast?

Ep46: What if Running at Your Intended Marathon Pace Feels Too Fast?
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This episode of the Train Smarter Podcast is the audio version of a Facebook Live session I presented in the Transform Your Running – 30 Day Challenge group on Facebook.

In the middle of marathon training, why does it sometimes feel SO hard to maintain your target marathon pace?

I took a moment to answer a question from a runner who’s struggling with how seemingly unsustainable his target marathon pace feels right now, at this point in his training for Brighton Marathon.

I know this topic is super relevant to many of our community of runners, lots of whom are currently in marathon training mode. I hope you enjoy it and find the info helpful!

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Marathon Pace Feels too Hard

It’s important to remember that a huge part of why marathon training works that way it does, is that you’re running on tired legs. It’s the accumulative fatigue that builds-up during hard training weeks and week-upon-week that makes the long runs feel so hard, and makes your target marathon pace sometimes feel less do-able when you try to hit your marathon pace during a long training run.

If you’ve experienced this feeling, you’ll know what a knock it is to your confidence. You wonder how you’ll be able to maintain the pace for 26.2 miles on race day.

Remember: trust in the process!

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