Ep44: Tips to Develop Mental Toughness as a Runner with Luke Tyburski

Ep44: Tips to Develop Mental Toughness as a Runner with Luke Tyburski
Train Smarter Podcast

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In this episode of the Train Smarter Podcast we recall a conversation between Luke and James, detailing some golden tips for building mental toughness that all runners can use.

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We’ve all been in the situation where our legs are getting heavier and slower, perhaps towards the second half of a long run. The question is: what do you focus on? Focus on the sore legs and you are more likely to stop running and give-up, mentally at least.

Instead if you focus externally, and perhaps consider why you’re running in the first place, you will able to find the mental strength to carry on.

This is just one of the many fantastic tips Luke shares with us during this short interview.

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  • James as always very informative. Hope all good with you. Useful as I start my 30 week plan towards IM Cervia. I use visualisation techniques before and during. But my favourite especially when running is my “Awesome check”. How are my toes….feel awesome, how are my feet…feel awesome, my gastrocnemius (distraction)….feel awesome etc. Before I know it some distance has passed and I’m on my way.

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