Ep43: Jenny Meadows tells us what it takes to achieve the Olympic dream!

Ep43: Jenny Meadows tells us what it takes to achieve the Olympic dream!
Train Smarter Podcast

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In this episode of the Train Smarter Podcast Luke interviews Olympian Jenny Meadows.

This middle distance runner from the north of England only recently retired from a decorated career in the brutal 800m and 400m track events. Luke spoke with Jenny at The National Running Show in Birmingham, where they both were speaking about their running careers on the main stage

Jenny Meadows Interview

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Luke and Jenny shared a fun-filled conversation about Jenny’s childhood, her coaches, what she eats, and the types of training sessions she used to put herself through to become a world class, elite athlete.

If you’ve ever been intrigued about what it’s like to be a professional track athlete, Jenny will shed light on what is needed, and that it’s not just all about race day when the cameras are switched on.

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  • Love the Jenny meadows interview. Like is great. A real natural interviewer. Nice one luke. Do some more please! Jim

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