Ep41: Running & Learning Out Loud – Building a Resource for Runners

Ep41: Running & Learning Out Loud – Building a Resource for Runners
Train Smarter Podcast

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In this episode of the Train Smarter podcast there is a change of host, Endurance Adventurer Luke Tyburski has taken over the microphone.

Luke’s first guest is a familiar one… Founder of Kinetic Revolution James Dunne sits down with Luke to speak about some more personal topics he’s never discussed in detail before.

James Dunne Interview

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Luke digs into James’ past, his education, and how Kinetic Revolution came into existence.

The two have a conversation about personal growth, the Kinetic Revolution community, and how to get involved in this fast growing group of of runners & athletes. James also discusses what he and his team are planning for Kinetic Revolution in the future.

A perfect episode to listen to on your commute, or while out on a run to learn more about James, his motives, and what is driving himself and all that he is doing into the future!

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  • Great episode guys, its really interesting to hear how your approach to treatment has evolved over time. Looking forward to the next one!

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