Ep36: You Have a London Marathon Place… Now What?

Ep36: You Have a London Marathon Place… Now What?
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If you just found out you have a place in the 2018 London Marathon, be sure to use the coming few months wisely! As we finish-out the year, now is your opportunity to build strength and gently increase the miles in your legs, before marathon training begins in earnest.

In this short episode, I mention our free 30 Day Challenge as a great tool for building strength, stability and mobility in preparation for your next marathon.

Check it out here: Transform Your Running – 30 Day Challenge

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Get Ready for Marathon Training!

Forward this to anybody you know who just found out they have a London Marathon place 🏃🏻😃

…or Brighton, Manchester, Paris, Edinburgh, the list goes on!

Posted by Kinetic Revolution on Tuesday, 3 October 2017


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